helenabucket (helenabucket) wrote in str8inagayworld,

Okay, just because I read a gay magazine...

Every time my husband and I travel to Houston, Texas, I pick up free copy of Outsmart magazine. It's a really great publication, regardless of your orientation. The last issue I had featured a great interview with Shirley McClaine (she's in the movie "Bewitched", Darren from the original TV show was gay, as a dancer she worked with tons of gay dance directors and she has tons of Houston connections because she's filmed two movies there with in the houses of people who live in River Oaks, one of the posher Houston neighborhoods, so she was a natural for an interview).

The interview was great, and I ALWAYS keep my copies of Outsmart. I brought this copy to work to archive with my other copies, and a co-worker spotted it on my desk.

Her: "Why do you have a gay magazine on your desk?"
Me: "I guess my secret's out! I'm secretly in LOOOOOVE with you!"
Her: "Nuh-huh, you're not. Stop pulling my leg!"
Me: "Actually, it's a good magazine."
Her: "Really? What's in it for you?"
Me: "Movie reviews, restaurant recommendations...stuff like that. I still think you're cute, though."

She laughed and fled my office.

Seriously, if I brought a copy of Ebony to work, would that make me black?

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