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a little late, but...does it feel like this for you?

My mom sent this to me the day after the election. it's from her boss, who is gay and was married that famous day when the gays were allowed equal votes & there were lines 1/2 way around the block from the county courthouse for people to marry the ones they loved.

> The most painful moment of my day involved seeing an openly gay senior boy and
an openly gay junior girl slumped together on the floor of Brown Hall sobbing
uncontrollably for nearly an entire period because of what the proud citizens of
our country did to them yesterday--passing constitutional amendments on state
ballots across the country banning gay marriage, and, in Ohio's case,
foreclosing even the possibility of civil unions for gays and lesbians in the
> Our gay students knew what the messages were: we hate you, we do not love
you, you are not a valuable part of our community, you are not wanted or
appreciated, you are second class citizens, you are not worthy, and you will be
made to suffer and struggle for legitimacy and self respect your entire lives.
> It is painful to be hated. It is especially painful when so many people evince
a collective desire to harm you. If you have never been hated, you can not
possibly know how awful our students felt today, and how bleak the future must
look to them.
> What was I to say to them? Things will get better? I am now beginning to
lose faith, myself, as we more deeply and permanently enshrine discrimination.
> Shame on you, George Bush! Shame on you George Bush's America!
> All day I have been saying to myself, "I lost my country yesterday."
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