helenabucket (helenabucket) wrote in str8inagayworld,

Married because of the gay community

Please check out my lj page. Start at the very beginning. It explains how if there weren't a sizable gay community in Texas, I, as a straight woman, would not have married the straight man I adore.

I am married to a cool man, btw. We went to see The Celluloid Closet when it came out, and we were the only straight couple in the theater. When the film progressed to that horrible "queers don't make it to the end of the movie" montage, I looked over, and J was crying.

I'm glaad to find this forum here. Every happiness in my life has been helped along by gay people. I'm sick of straight people screwing it up for everyone. There's a lot of talent, ability, good intentions, morality (yes, I said it) and good nature in the gay community. Hell, let's not even call it a gay "community". Some people's good, some people's bad. Who you sleep with just doesn't concern me, dangit! The term "community" weds (sorry) all gay people to all other gay people. The spectrum of homosexual people is just too diverse to call it a "community".

I've met gay saints and gay sluts. I've met gay libertines and gay pillars of the community. It's a normal cross-section of society. I've met straight saints and straight sluts. Why the hell is this an issue?

We legislate RIGHTS, not morality. We don't prosecute people for murder because murder is wrong; we rosecute because the person firing the gun/weilding the ax violates the victim's civil rights. Denying gay couples the full extent of government privileges violates the constitution,because it negates that couple's right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

To couch legislation in any other terminoligy but rights is a fundamental mis-interpretation of why we're here. If it were okay to imprison someone and draw and quarter them because they don't like the Church or if it were okay to burn someone for sexual perversion, Americans would lose their sh*t. Because we only pick on people who are different, it's okay.

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