VillageChick (villagechick) wrote in str8inagayworld,

Hello: Message from your friendly moderator!

I seriously want to get this community more active! Any suggestions?

A reminder for people that New Fest is coming up. For non-new york people that's the New York GLBT Film Festival!
Go run and become a member. Anyone who is going... Think about posting reviews here, so we can look out for those films if they go into wide release.

Magazines to subscribe to even if your straight! (speaking of which, I need to seriously renew mine)
The Advocate (especially if you want to keep abreast of the political situation as regards gay marriage rights)

Anyone want to help compile a resource list for straight people dealing with gay acceptance issues? Resources to help parents and friends of GLBT people, both to educate them or to help them educate others? Jump on in!!!
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