VillageChick (villagechick) wrote in str8inagayworld,

Can anyone see this? LJ's acting weird...

For those Queer As Folk fans out there, Out's latest issue has a lovely profile on Bobby Gant who actually looks hot. Chisled doesn't usually do much for me. But he's dating Kyan from Queer Eye and that makes me happy. :)

The article as a bit on spoilers for season four at the end.

Also the Advocate has an interview with Hal Sparks which clears up what he meant by his previous comment that kissing another guy was like kissing a dog.

Also, I'm going to post (tomorrow) the top ten movies that Out or the Avocate profiled awhile back, and the responding letters to the suggestions.

What are your top gay-themed movies?

Mine are:
Beautiful Thing
Big Eden
Torch Song Trilogy
Bedrooms and Hallways
Love, Valour and Compassion
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