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Straight in A Gay World: A User Guide
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Welcome to the Straight in a Gay World Community.

First of all, despite the name, everybody is welcome to join the community. Whether you are boy, girl, transgendered, intersexed, straight, gay or something in between: Welcome! We accept anyone who isn't homophobic.

This community is meant to be a resource. There will be reviews and recommendations of gay themed books, movies, tv shows and websites. It will also be a place to get news on gay civil rights and other issues in the GLBT community.

This community was founded as a resource for straight men and women with gay friends and family or who just happen to have a thing for GBLT culture.

NC-17 recomendations and reviews are permitted but please mark clearly and use lj-cuts for this material.

Pimping other gay-themed communities is also permitted.

You can also ask questions about gay issues and if we don't know the answer we will do our best to point you to the appropriate resources.

Homophobic posts or posts that personally attack other posters are NOT permitted.

Love transcends gender, race, religion and creed.